About Us

Taylor & Jessie is an everyday, lifestyle stationery brand with purpose. Although our mission is to help the busy millennial woman prioritize her mental health while crushing her goals, our products are for everyone!

Our products are carefully crafted to help streamline daily tasks, enhance organization, and encourage self-reflection and goal-setting, all while promoting mental well-being. By incorporating elements of mindfulness and mental health awareness into our stationery, Taylor & Jessie goes beyond mere functionality to offer a holistic approach to personal organization.

Founder's Note: Taylor & Jessie was created out of my personal struggle with mental health and wellness. I needed a way to plan and organize my thoughts and day-to-day actions. So I created my own stationery system to help me do just that! A portion of our annual proceeds are donated to Project Semicolon and Therapy for Black Girls. - xo, Tiffany